Locking Devices

RINGDEFER & ECOLOC Locking Devices are suitable for securing all type of hubs onto shafts and axles. Replacing traditional shrink fits, keys and polygon connections, splined shafts etc...

Locking Assembies, Locking Elements

  • Internal Locking Assemblies Clamp Connection
  • Wide range of standard Locking Assemblies from 6 mm diameter
  • Safe transmission of high torque loads
  • Custom made solutions
  • Backlash-free
  • Shaft sizes 6 to 1000 mm (1/4 to 39 in)
  • Optional stainless steel

Shrink Discs

  • External Clamping Devises
  • Wide range of standard Shrink Disdc from 12 mm diametter
  • Safe transmission of high torque loads
  • Shaft sizes 12 to 500 mm (1/2 to 19 in)
  • Optional stainless steel


  • Cylindrical bushings allow varialble adaptations *inch, metric)
  • Free of wear and fretting corrosion
  • Economical, minimal spare part costs
  • Bridling of large tolerances
  • Flexible, backlash free

Applications: Wheels and sprockets, levers, lifters, cam discs, pulleys or brake discs, balance wheels, couplings, slip on gear mechanisms, flanges, pulley wheels and rotors...