Hydraulic Cartridges Valves & Manifolds

What makes a company stand out, and why is it important to do so? By successfully differentiating itself in all spheres of activity—from product design and service delivery, to choice of suppliers and employees, to acquisition and retention of customers and shareholders—the company builds a foundation for consistently delivering sustainably excellent performance.

Innovative Products

Since the beginning, our products have been setting the standard for the screw-in hydraulic cartridge valve industry. Sun's floating cartridge construction and cavity design approach allows products to operate precisely and reliably at higher pressures and flow rates in the most demanding applications

Complete Product Line

Sun products are offered in five primary sizes, with flow capacity and controlled horsepower doubling with each successive size. Within each broad functional area (pressure, flow, load control, etc.), multiple variations are available to help you optimize your control circuit. Our expansive product line allows you to develop the best control solution for your hydraulic application. For over 40 years, we've pioneered the advancement of fluid power with products that exceed industry performance standards.