Hydrodynamic Speed Variator

The technology invented and patented by Var-Spe solves the need for varying the speed of an electric motor through an innovative approach that is completely different from that of all other alternative solutions.

The Var-Spe technology is based on the principle of hydrostatic transmission: it consists of two units, i.e., a variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement hydraulic motor, both with radial pistons.


  • High torque event at low revolutions: thanks to the high pressures that can be reached
  • Wide range of speed variation: from zero to that of the electric motor
  • Possibility of operating in aggressive environments: water, dust, temperature, acid
  • Long service life: there are no friction elements and the components are less subject to wear since they are always lubricated
  • Reliability: the speed adjustment is always precise even after many year because it is done by modifying the stroke of the pistons.
  • Cost-effectiveness: long life cycle for the connected components (there is no stress on the electric motor because it is always running at the same speed)
  • Simplicity: Adjestment is simpole and intuitive, no programming is nedded, and it is easy to install and start


  • Only top-quality materials are used
  • All components are designed and made in Italy
  • Each variator is assembled and tested at our plant (100% inspection)
  • Range from 0.37kW to 22kW
  • Option: ATEX Certified Variator