Industrial & Safety Shock Absorbers

ACE shock absorbers are linear deceleration devices. ACE industrial shock absorbers are built to the highest quality for automation systems and machines. Safety shock absorbers are designed for emergency deceleration on industries.

  • Body diameter of 5 mm to 190 mm
  • Stroke 4 mm to 1200 mm
  • Energy capacity per cycle of 0.68 Nm to 480 kNm
  • Reliability and security for your production
  • High rate of service on your machine
  • Lightweight and economical construction
  • Lower operational costs
  • Machines silent and economic
  • Available in stainless steel and special seals

Applications: pneumatic machines, conveyors, turntables, cranes, overhead cranes and port equipment...

Profile Dampers (TUBUS) Absorbers

TUBUS profile dampers are a maintenance free, self-contained damping elements made from a special co-polyester elastomer.

  • Lifetime up to 1 million cycles
  • Operating temperature - 40 to + 90 ° C.
  • Resistance: oil, grease, water, UV, ozone and certain chemicals.
  • Does not absorb water and does not swell

Applications: industrial machinery, conveyors, cranes, suspensions of special equipment, agricultural equipment, replace steel springs (no corrosion) ...

Rotary Dampers

Rotary dampers control the speed of rotation

  • Sealed maintenance-free units
  • Fixed or adjustable damping rates
  • Damping in clockwise, anticlockwise or in both directions
  • Torques from 0,001 à 40 Nm

Applications: Covers, flaps, DVD player, furniture industry ...


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