High Performance Industrial and Hazardous LED Lamps

Why Dialight?

  • Superior efficacy – energy power saving up to 60%
  • 5-10-year Warranty
  • Designed for high shock and vibration environments
  • Handles extreme temperatures –40C°up to + 65°C
  • Always state of the art products –always a generation ahead
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing –control of entire process
  • Integrated emergency options
  • Long Lifetime -150 000 to 300 000 hours @L70
  • ATEX certificate Range
Wallpack/ Bulkhead
Power Consumption: 11-34W
Lumen Output: 600-2,150
SS Linear Fixture
Power Consumption: 32-64W
Lumen Output: 2600-5100
Low Bay
Power Consumption: 45-140W
Lumen Output: 3,800-8,750
High Bay
Power Consumption:120-212W
Lumen Output: 10,000 –26,000
Area Light
Power Consumption: 35-70W
Lumen Output: 4,000-6,200
Power Consumption: 107W
Lumen Output:11,500

Applications / Industries: Factories, Warehouses, Electric Power plants, Mining, Oil & Gas, Cement, Seaport…