Dust Suppression System Using Fog

Dust concentration 90% cut

Being used in a wide array of customer worksites

Consult with IKEUCHI for Dust Control

  • IKEUCHI is the leading spray-nozzle manufacturer in Japan.
  • We design a dust suppression fog system best-tailored to suit the needs of each worksite, through in-depth discussions with customers and assessment of the worksite.
  • Control panel and sensors or other control options are available for automated spray control, that allows effective dust suppression and water savings.

Use optimal nozzles for each site

Energy-saving Hydraulic Nozzles
Low-cost, fine spray nozzles used in a wide range of site.

Ultrafine-spray Pneumatic Nozzles
Ultrafine atomization keeps down extremely fine dust particles

Conventional dust controlIKEUCHI's dust control solution
Water sprinkling: has little effect on airborne dust
Dust collectors:unfit for use in a large space
IKEUCHI’s fine fog spray system
Effectively and economically suppresses dust in a large space
Doesn't get the worksite soaked
Yields a cooling effect


Broad Product Lineup to Help Improve Work Environment

We propose dust control system best suited for each worksite

Header Type

  • Uses stainless steel piping that is weather-and corrosion-resistant for a long term use
  • Spray headers installed at entrance prevent the release of airborne dust.
  • Sensor control can be included


Fan Type

Factory fans with spray nozzles mounted are being used for dust suppression in large spaces

Dust suppression mechanism