Drive chain - G7

  • Tsubaki RS Roller Chains, the world's most trusted brand in power tranmission chains.
  • Tsubaki RS Roller Chain compiles with world standard, such as JIS, ASME and ISO.

Typically, roller chain are used as economical means of transmitting mechanical power

Drive chain - Lambda

  • Lube-free, long life operation means fewer chain replacement, thereby reducing the amount of waste.
  • Lube-free operation thanks to Tsubaki's special oil-impregnated bushes.

This eliminates contamination of oil from additional lubrication and contributes to a cleaner workplace.

  • Lambda Chain's long life with no additional lubrication reduces CO2 output by 79.1% compared to standard chain, which can help reduce your environmental load over the chain's life cycle.
  • Can reduce running costs over and above the initial costs for overall cost savings.

Small size conveyor chain

  • Can convey items of almost any shape.
  • A wide array of options available in terms of conveyor length, direction of conveyance, and ambient conditions.
  • No slippage, allowing for accurate conveyance.
  • Extremely durable and highly efficient.

Large size conveyor chain

  • Can convey products of any shape.
  • The range of lengths, the direction of transport, and the variety of enviroment in which it can function.
  • It is highly durable and maintains highly efficient and accurate operation without slipping.

Cable carrier

  • Extremely robust, sturdy steel cable carriers for heavy mechanical loads and rough environmental conditions
  • Side bands made of steel or stainless steel
  • Very sturdy link plates, each consisting of two individual plates
  • Very extensive unsupported lengths even with large additional loads
  • Joint design with multi stroke system and special bolt
  • Bolted stay systems, solid end connectors