Professional aluminium crane system

Mechrail™ is a professional aluminium crane system that improves the working environment at world-leading automotive manufacturer,s as well as at mechanical workshops and industrial companies in most sectors.

Light and ergonomic movement along x/y axes
The Mechrail™ crane system consists of extruded aluminium profiles onto which trolleys, suspensions and accessories are mounted to provide ergonomic and flexible movement along the x/y axes when performing lifting operations.

Wall-mounted jib cranes for ergonomic material handling

Mechcrane™ wall-mounted jib cranes LVS/AVS are the natural choice for ergonomic material handling where there is limited floor space and work is conducted continuously at the same workstation, such as during assembly work or when lifting to and from processing machinery.

Optional length
Mechcrane™ wall-mounted jib cranes LVS/AVS are offered in any length of 0.5 m multiples, as specified below. Moreover, custom lengths can be made to request. Contact us for more information.

Pillar-mounted jib cranes for ergonomic material handling

Mechcrane™ pillar-mounted jib cranes LPS/APS provide the opportunity to install ergonomic lifting equipment at most types of workstations.

Optional length and height
Mechcrane™ pillar-mounted cranes LPS/APS are offered in different pillar heights and optional crane arm lengths in 0.5 m multiples, as specified below. The pillars are available in a neutral natural white standard colour or in any RAL colour of your choice.
Moreover, custom lengths and heights can be made to request. Contact us for more information.


  • Extremely smooth-moving jib crane arms for great ergonomics
  • Choose height, height and colour
  • Wide range of accessories

Articulated jib cranes for maximum reach with minimal resistance

Mechcrane™ articulated jib cranes VKL/VKA offer you maximum reach in your work area with minimal movement resistance. The two articulated crane arms are rotated via roller bearings of the highest quality for light and ergonomic material handling.

Lightweight and strong The outer arm is made of lightweight and strong aluminium and is equipped with an easy-rolling trolley with premium quality wheel bearings. Optimal conditions for material handling operations that are smooth, ergonomic and quiet.


  • Maximum reach with minimal resistance
  • Optimal ergonomics also near the pillar
  • Universal jib crane for material handling

Articulated jib crane with integrated pneumatic balancer

Mechline Pro Crane™ – by combining the smoothness of the Mechline Pro™ balance lifter with the versatility of an articulated jib crane, we have created a flexible lifting solution for many different industries.

Mobile platform for unlimited flexibility
The Mechline Pro Crane™ can be adapted to each individual workplace, with a reach of up to 4 metres, and a height-adjustable floor pillar. Add a mobile platform and you can easily move Mechline Pro Crane™ between different workstations – a simple manual pallet truck will suffice!


  • For smooth and ergonomic lifting operations
  • Intuitive lifting sensation of loads up to 50 kg
  • Move between different workstations with a manual pallet truck
  • Anodized and mainentance-free surface
  • Durable lifting wire that can be used for up to 300,000 work cycles
  • Adapted for a pneumatic or mechanical end effector Integrated air supply for gripper tool
  • 2-weight / 3-weight pneumatics or direct control with speed handle

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