Gripping and Moving Components

Pneumatic Grippers

  • Robust and modern design
  • Wide range of grippers and chucks
  • Types: Parallel, Radial, Angle, 3-jaws, 4-jaws
  • 33 different sizes available
  • Strokes from 4mm to 180mm
  • Gripping force from 25N to 6076N at 5 bars
  • Accessories: various proximity sensors

Rotary actuators

  • Robust and modern design
  • 7 different types of rotary actuators
  • Torques from 0.43Nm to 78Nm at 5 bars
  • Rotation 90/180 degrees
  • External or Internal end damping
  • Air-oil model available (speed control by oil chamber)
  • Accessories: varous proximity sensors

Slide Cylinders

  • 16 different types of slides cylinders
  • Strokes from 50 to 2000mm
  • Speeds from 30mm/s to 1m/s
  • Push/Pull force up to 1477N (at 6 bars)
  • High accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Various options available

Applications: Semiconductor (contstruction, Processing), Automotive (Turing, Processing, Transfer insert achines), Automation (Transfer insert, Processing, packaging, material handling), Robots (gripping), Food, Electricity, Chemistry...