Modular Disinfection System

AKIMIST Technology

  • Quality fog reaches over four meters horizontally, providing effective disinfection
  • Up to four nozzles can be mounted per body
  • Compact water tank keeps free from bacteria
  • High quality silky Dry Fog do not wet surfaces

Disinfection cabin

  • Easy to install and use (made in aluminum profiles)
  • Mobile cabin with 4 lockable wheels ( 1200*1000*2200 mm)
  • Not wetting spray – dry fog – particles size 20 – 40 micron
  • Specific deposition of 6 nozzles allows efficient disinfection over all the body
  • Presence detectors ( OMRON)
  • Adjustable spraying time with adjustable timer
  • High quality nozzles ( in stainless steel S304) – Cone distribution
  • Liquid Spraying capacity 18L/h at 1.5 bar

Control and fluid transfer module

  • Compact module on 4 wheels ( 2 lockable wheels) ( 600*600*700 mm)
  • Mobile, easy to use everywhere
  • Fully pneumatic control system ( pneumatic products from CKD-Japan)
  • Using AOOD pump YTS-Japan for fluid transfer
  • 20L plastic tank integrated
  • 2/2 valves (option)- for presence detector and timer function
  • Can be used for several AKIMIST and/or Disinfection Cabins simultaneously


  • Disinfection at entrances to plant factories, greenhouses, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.
  • Disinfection of large spaces: factories, schools, offices, airports, subway, halls, etc. thanks to its mobility

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